Am I doing this right?

I am pretty sure that every human being on the planet Earth has the impulse to second guess themselves and wonder if they are competent enough or normal enough or just "enough."  I'm not sure any self-care routine or hundreds of hours of therapy can every really cure that question, especially because sometimes that question is really important!  We need to check in sometimes to make sure what we are doing is safe and aligns with our values.  But sometimes that question "am I doing this right?" can also get in our way.  It can keep us from healing past trauma and using our intuition to follow our path.  It is a balance like anything else to notice that doubt, welcome it, and decide if the doubt is rooted in a true need to hit the pause button or if it is more rooted in fear and self-doubt.  None of us are ever done learning this balance.

What I love the most about being an EMDR practitioner is the empowerment that goes along with it for each of the clients I serve.  The belief in my practice is that every client enters with the tools and knowledge for self-healing and my job is to get out of the way as much as possible.  Very often during reprocessing, the question "am I doing this right?" enters the session.  The answer is always Yes!  Yes!  You are doing it just right.  You showed up to do the hard work and your system knows just what to do.  

My hope for you and myself today is that we can use our discernment to put aside that question "am I doing this right?" when we need to so we can each step into the glorious, messy, and perfectly imperfect human beings we already are.  

Love and peace,