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About Us

Aloft Healing Studios was founded by Cassie Register in 2022 as an act of love and faith in the universe.  Cassie graduated with her Masters of Social Work from the University of South Carolina in 2007 and spent many years building her career within the child welfare system, witnessing and beginning to understand the roots of complex trauma.  Cassie gained experience in a wide range of trauma-informed therapy modalities over the years and developed a particular passion and expertise in the use of EMDR.  Cassie also grew to understand that healing from trauma is different for each individual and a broad range of healing tools are needed to create growth and change.  Aloft Healing Studios is the culmination of a passion for working with trauma survivors and a realization in Cassie’s own journey of self-empowerment and understanding herself as a therapist and healer.

Our Mission

Aloft Healing Studios, LLC is dedicated to creating a healing space for all individuals to grow and thrive.  We provide counseling and healing services that seek to create conditions for wellness, joy, and connection.  Our studio recognizes the systemic shortcomings of the current state of our healthcare system and institutions which ignore our full mind and body connection and often undermine and override our own inner wisdom and intuition.

Aloft Healing Studios is committed to providing a space of empowerment which seeks to honor every part of the human experience embodied in mind, body, and spirit.  We are committed to ethical, accessible, affirming, and justice oriented mental health.

Guiding Principles

1.  All people deserve access to affordable mental health care.  No one should be exempt from receiving services that enhance wellness and improve mental health.  For too long, mental healthcare has been both stigmatized and viewed as a privilege.  We are committed to making mental healthcare accessible to all through openly evaluating our rates, paneling with as many insurance companies as we are able, and providing a wide range of group and healing services.

2. Trauma-informed care guides our decision making and treatment of all individuals.  We recognize the value and worth of every individual and further recognize that no person is exempt from trauma. The following 5 principles are commonly recognized as the core to providing trauma-informed care and serve as our guide:




-collaboration and empowerment

-respect for diversity

3.  Anti-racism.  We recognize that as an organization and as providers, we hold unintentional bias and beliefs that can influence our perceptions and interactions with others.  We are committed to actively exploring our held beliefs and attitudes and supporting an environment which seeks to unlearn and dismantle these biases.

4. Alternative care and spiritual attention are key to wellness and healing.  We believe there are many paths to healing and our practice incorporates traditions such as Reiki and energetic work that complement and enhance traditional mental healthcare treatment.

5. Humor and play are integral to wellness.  We strive to create an environment that is comfortable, open, and free.  Laughter, shouting, crying, and all forms of human expression are celebrated and honored.  Movement, creativity, and all client interests and hobbies are welcome.

6. Inclusion and Affirmation.  We welcome and affirm all.  Many of us hold intersecting identities that have been historically stereotyped or pathologized.  We seek to create a space that honors and sees each individual and their identity within gender, sexuality, neurodivergence, and diagnosis. 

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