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About Us

Aloft Healing Studios was founded by Cassie Register in 2022 as an act of love and faith in the universe.  Cassie graduated with her Masters of Social Work from the University of South Carolina in 2007 and spent many years building her career within the child welfare system, witnessing and beginning to understand the roots of complex trauma.  Cassie gained experience in a wide range of trauma-informed therapy modalities over the years and developed a particular passion and expertise in the use of EMDR.  Cassie also grew to understand that healing from trauma is different for each individual and a broad range of healing tools are needed to create growth and change.  Aloft Healing Studios is the culmination of a passion for working with trauma survivors and a realization in Cassie’s own journey of self-empowerment and understanding herself as a therapist and healer.

Our Mission

Vision: To create a healing space for all who are served to grow and thrive.

Mission: To generate conditions for wellness, joy, and connection through counseling and healing services.`

Guiding Principles

-all people deserve access to affordable mental health care

-self-determination and autonomy


-humor and play are integral to wellness

-mutual respect

-lifelong learning



Meet our staff

Heather Murray

Heather Murray

My name is Heather Murray and I'm a licensed clinical social worker dedicated to helping adults, teens....