Welcome to Aloft Healing Studios!

Welcome to Aloft Healing Studios!  I’m so glad you’ve found your way to our website.  This is our first official blog post and I’ve been thinking a lot about what might be important to say or share.  We are a brand new private practice and in full transparency, I’ve never thought much about amplifying my voice or having a platform.  After some self-reflection and staring blankly at my computer screen for a bit, it seems most authentic to share my own journey towards opening a private practice and the “why” behind my work. 

I went to college to study music and to be honest, I found myself floundering.  I felt pretty disconnected from my own body, I don’t think I liked myself all that much, and I definitely never felt good enough to be a musician.  Somewhere a couple of years into college, I began to find my voice in surprising ways.  Anytime I connected with other people’s stories through just being present with a friend or working on social justice projects, I gained confidence and a sense of connection and purpose.  I graduated not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, but I understood my life’s work was to connect and serve others in some way.  I went to graduate school to earn my degree in Social Work, and after a small quarter life crisis and the end of a relationship, I found myself in Atlanta looking to start my career without any particular direction and just a smidge of panic.  The first job offer I received was as a case manager with the Department of Family and Children Services and it was there I began to understand the profound impact of abuse and neglect on not only the families I served, but on our society as a whole.  My career has taken some twists and turns, but I’ve never forgotten the first case I investigated as a case manager or how it felt to be present with a family in their moment of deepest vulnerability and overwhelm. 

My journey hasn’t taken me far away from the child welfare system, but I serve children and adults from a wide range of backgrounds now.  The thread that connects the love for what I do is the stories I’ve been honored to hear.  It is a profound privilege to bear witness to someone’s pain and loss and be present as the healing journey begins.  If there’s anything I’ve learned from my work in the mental health field, it is the vast importance of taking time for self-discovery, being vulnerable enough to share my own self, and seeking help and change when it’s needed. 

I hope Aloft Healing Studios can serve as an authentic place for healing and self-discovery for all who find themselves here.  I’ll be posting and sharing some thoughts about trauma-informed care, EMDR, self-care, and more when I can.  Wherever this post finds you along your journey, you are welcome here.

Love and Peace,

Cassie Register