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The Right Tools

“The right tool makes all the difference, “ said my daughter-in-law. Her hobby is making exquisite works of art in miniature spaces. They look like books sitting on a shelf, but when you peer inside, it is like peering into a magical world.

She reached into the new toolbox that her wife (my brilliant daughter) had given her and drew out the perfect tiny blade to cut décor for an interior wall. She had been struggling along with scissors—and doing a beautiful job—but using the correct array of tools made this task so much easier and more enjoyable.

Sometimes we reach a point in our lives when we realize that we need to change it up, to try a different set of tools than the ones that we have been struggling along with.

I am new to Aloft, but a native of Atlanta, and have lived and worked in the Kennesaw area since the ‘90’s. In addition to four decades of experience in career and academic support for neurodiverse individuals, I am a practitioner of several mindfulness, shamanic, and energy healing modalities. 

 I believe that each person is perfect and whole, exactly in this moment. If you are in a space where you are struggling to see this in yourself, it would be an honor for me to hold space for you while we explore the right tools for you to put in your toolbox, to build a world that looks brighter for you. The right tools DO make all the difference.