Karla Wade

I am passionate about supporting my clients in finding their authentic and powerful voice. As a Neurodiversity Success Facilitator, I specialize in working with teens, ‘tweens and adults to develop strategies that strengthen those critical executive function and social skills, and to build more successful pathways in academic and career settings. I draw heavily on more than four decades of experience working with neurodiverse populations in secondary, postsecondary and career settings, state agencies, and advocacy initiatives. I enjoy working with clients under the expanding neurodiversity umbrella: Autism, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, ID, Developmental Speech Disorders, etc. Clients who are interested in developing success strategies but may not hold a specific diagnosis are welcome, as well.

As a Metaphysical Practitioner, I listen deeply during every session, and draw upon mindfulness training from an array of energetic healing traditions to weave together a customized mix of guidance and resources to support your goals. This approach can be especially effective when combined with other therapies when addressing trauma. Modalities drawn from traditional practices have long been used to enhance healing.  If you are interested in exploring solutions from a unique perspective for yourself or a loved one, I invite you to reserve a session with me.